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The therapeutic-rehabilitation course: daily activities

Medical evaluation
The team starts its work with a medical evaluation to establish general clinical conditions so that the type, quantity and duration of physical exercises and complementary therapies can be personalised.

Physical exercise
The Metabolic Fitness Operator (OFP) presides the daily fitness sessions, from physical exercises in the equipped gym, to open air walks along the paths surrounding the resort, to water exercises in the exclusive pool in the thermal centre with sulphate-calcium-magnesium water at a natural temperature of 38°C.

The dieticians of the Centre create a diet using a wide selection of dishes in a menu which provides suitable daily intake of calories. The programme also includes talks on nutritional education and cookery demonstrations dedicated to teaching the strategies which help weight loss and how to manage one’s own eating plan in everyday life.

Group meetings
Group meetings with psychologists are aimed at regaining control of your diet and learning how to adopt a more suitable lifestyle.