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Lose weight programmes

Short program with Mediterranean Diet

The Mediterranean diet is an eating plan that can help promote health and prevent disease. The flavors are rich, and the health benefits for people choosing a Mediterranean diet are hard to ignore they are less likely to develop high blood pressure, high cholesterol or become obese.
This diet features delicious and nourishing recipes that evoke the essence of the Mediterranean region while helping you work your way toward optimal health. In its low-calorie version, it provokes a significant weight loss, thanks to its high content in fibers limiting the absorption of sugar and promoting satiety..

The package includes the following services:
• 3 nights in double room accommodation  
• Special buffet breakfast with local products and organic corner  
 Lunch at 'Dei Lorena' Restaurant with personalised menu (water included) 
• Dinner at 'Dei Lorena' Restaurant with personalised menu (water included)
• Indoor and outdoor thermal pools with hydrojets
• Bioaquam circuit and Bagno di Minerva whirlpool  
• Steam bath and Sauna
Fitness center
• Guided morning hike (from Monday to Saturday)
Free internet
• Taxes and services

Medical coaching:
• One meeting and consultation with the Medical Team and your Doctor-Tutor
Evaluation of biological age
• Daily lunch with Doctor-Tutor or Nutritionist

Personalised Spa treatments:
2 Sessions of gymnastics in thermal water or fitness (outdoor or indoor) 
1 Aesthetic spa treatment with slimming, draining or toning effect with slimming cast or Laminaria seaweed
1 Specific body treatment using Endosphere equipment
2 Therapeutic, toning or lymphodraining massages, reflexology (50')
2 Thermal steam bath in the Gran Duke's Hammam or thalassotherapy in the Thalaquam pool 


Rates per person in double room


Euro 1.230,00


Euro 1.272,00


Euro 1.332,00

Junior Suite Prestige

Euro 1.434,00

Junior Suite Exclusive

Euro 1.536,00


Euro 1.842,00

The package is valid all year round and available, on request, also for one or two weeks