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Personalized massages that combine different techniques such as sports massage, relaxing, draining, physiotherapy, face massage.

Duration 50'

Euro 85,- 

Massage and Vichy shower

Relaxing massage under thermal water shower jets.

Durata 50'

Euro 80,- 


Relaxing manual techniques and hot stones.

Duration 50'

Euro 82,-

Relaxing body massage

Body classic massage.

Durata 25'

 Euro 46,-

Duration 50'

 Euro 76,-

Relaxing body and face massage

Total body classic massage.

Duration 70'

  Euro 97,-

Face massage

Toning or relaxing face massage.

Durata 20'

 Euro 42,-


Aesthetic shaping massage.

Durata 20'

 Euro 76,-

1000 Hands

The perfect synergy and harmony of movements performed on the body that provide feelings of relaxation and total abandon in the hands of two masseuses at the same time.

Duration 25'

  Euro 96,-

Duration 50'

  Euro 167,-

Holistic Disciplines

Ayurvedic massage

Personalised massage, relaxing and soothing.

Durata 50'

 Euro 90,-


Therapeutical application with herbal preparations enriched with scented oils, heated and applied to the body. This massage detoxifies, purifies and relaxes.

Duration 50'

 Euro 100,-

Resonanz Dorsalis

An innovative and specific treatment for the spine which, thanks to the wise use of special glass cups and bells, relaxes muscular tension and improves the tone of the vertebral column.

Duration 50'

  Euro 101,-

Tui-Na with Zu Reflexology

An ancient Chinese massage that works on the joints, energy channels and specific parts of the feet, rebalancing the functioning of the organs. This massage stimulates and strengthens the nervous and immune system, increases joint mobility and helps to dissolvesystematic circulation.

Durata 80'

 Euro 110,-

Therapeutic Massages

Lymphodraining Vodder massage

Soft massage for lymphatic draining of tissue.

Duration 50'

  Euro 80,-

Duration 80'

 Euro 105,-

Therapeutic massage

Relaxing and analgesic localised massage.

Duration 25'

 Euro 45,-

Duration 50'

 Euro 80,-

Package of 6 targeted therapeutic massages

Package aiming to solve blood circulation and musculoskeletal problems, with a consequent progressive improvement. The used techniques depend on the different Clients’needs, and therefore they offer a customized treatment.

Duration 15'

  Euro 150,-

Sports deep tissue massage

Deep de-contracting effect.

Duration 50'

 Euro 80,-

Reflexology foot massage

Massage and foot check.

Duration 50'

  Euro 70,-

Swedish massage

Stimulates blood circulation and relaxes muscles.

Duration 50'

 Euro 78,-

Underwater jet massage

Specific underwater jet massage in single tub fed with thermal water. It has draining and detoxifying effects. It reduces legs and abdomen oedema as well as muscolar and articular pain.

Duration 20'

  Euro 55,-