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Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink is a pure, hand mined salt found deep within the pristine Himalayan Mountains. The crystals range in color from white to varying shades of pink and red, indicating a beneficial amount of trace elements.

Red Hawaiian Salt

Alaea is traditional Hawaiian table salt rich in trace minerals also found in sea water. This salt is enriched with the iron oxide of harvested red Alaea clay.

Blue Persian Salt

Persian Blue Salt is a rare, coarse Iranian variety, studded with sapphire-colored rock crystsals. It is extracted from mines of pure, unpolluted crystalized sea salt which have formed over 260 milion years.

Cyprus Black Lava

Cyprus Black Lava is Mediterranean flake salt mixed with activated charcoal. The beautiful color is not the only benefit that the charcoal adds. It also gives it a unique taste and acts as a natural detoxifier.

Fleur de Sel of Camargue

Fleur de Sel is collected from the very top layer of the famous French salt ponds and is known as the "caviar" of salts.

Purple Indian KalaNamak Salt

This salt is composed largely of sodium chloride, nevertheless its colour and smell are mainly due to its sulfur content. The presence of Greigite (Fe3S4, Iron sulfide) forms brownish pink to dark violet salt.