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New Spa Treatments

Watsu New

A gentle body massage performed in thermal water, combining elements of massage, joint mobilization, shiatsu and muscle stretching for a deep and total relaxation.

Duration 50'

Euro 110,- 

Rasna Zeri - Etruscan treatment New

Total body massage performed with olive oil and aromatic Mediterranean plants with moisturizing, toning and relaxing effects.

Duration 50'

Euro 91,- 

Shirodhara New

A special technique whereby medicinal oils are applied manually to the head and body. The treatment revitalises the mind, cures insomnia, tiredness and stress, and promotes meditation.

Duration 50'

Euro 120,-

Thalaquam New

Water element: saline water at 37°C lulls you in total absence of gravity, enwrapped in the magical harmony of Aeolian domes. Combats stress and water retention, relaxes muscles and helps to re-balance energy.

Duration 25'

 Euro 35,-

Salidarium Novità

Fire element: lying on a bed of sea salt crystals enwrapped in delicate warmth and floral perfumes. Stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, intensifies oxygenation of body tissue

Duration 25'

  Euro 40,-

Men's Special

A ritual. An experience to rediscover the ancient man body care. After bathing in the Gran duke’s thermal grotto, two dedicated beauty therapists will give you a particulars, welcoming ritual. They will also provide an exclusive facial treatment, recalling the ancient art of barbers, a foot and hand treatment and completing with a four-hand body massage.

Duration 80'

 Euro 195,-

Bio Olea® Exclusively for women

Anti-ageing treatment for body, face and hair, with Eco-Bio Cosmeceuticals that are made up of highly effective Domus Olea Toscana® extracts of Tuscan plants. A facial treatment, hair mask, shampoo, relaxing body massage, a wrap for hands and feet, will follow a detoxifying bath in our suggestive Grand duke’s thermal grotto. You immediately feel a brightening and antioxidant effect on your skin and hair.

Duration 110'

 Euro 167,-

Hydrocolon therapy:
Detoxing and purifying treatment of the colon

Bagni di Pisa Palace & Spa, which is on a continuous research and development journey in the field of prevention and health care, offers the most effective method to detox and purify the intestine. This treatment is minimally invasive, easy to tolerate and it has no side effects. It can restore the balance and functionality of the colon, which is fundam ental for good functioning in all the body.

  Euro 120,-

Hydrocolon therapy package

Purifying treatment of the colon together with fundamental pre and post treatment integration programmes (plan to restore intestinal flora).

 Euro 195,-


A technique from Chinese medicine that harmonises the patient’s energy. It helps the body obtain the best state of health and remove toxins through the stimulation of organs and diuresis.

Duration 50'

 Euro 80,-

Special Treatments

Granduke's Hammam

A suggesting steam bath at 38° C in a small natural thermal grotto, where you can also bathe in hot spring water. It re-equilibrates body and mind, regulates blood pressure and fosters sweating by eliminating toxins from the body.

Duration 20'

 Euro 35,-


80-minute head, face, body, hands and feet massage. Warm towels, massage, personalised scented oils.

Duration 80'

  Euro 120,-

Duo treatment  
2 hours. 2 dedicated therapists. 2 special places

The Grand Duke’s natural Grotta at its best: impeccable service offering 30 minutes in the thermal cave with steam and a private thermal bath carved in rock for a romantic relaxation. To follow, a private Suite for two with beauty and relaxing treatments: relaxing massage, mini facial and foot massage. A cocktail for two from the Shelley Bar, and free access to the thermal pools.

 Euro 139,- per person